How To Become a Member

Membership of Parents In Power is FREE and open to parents/carers of children with SEN/Learning Difficulties and/or Disabilities.

  1. A chance to vote on the strategic development of Parents In Power
  2. Automatically receive information about consultations effecting families with a child with a disability in local/Regional and National consultations
  3. To take part in training and offered support to attend meetings to represent other parents/carers across whole range of disabilities
  4. Be kept uptodate about what is happening in Gateshead in relation to services for families with children with disabilities.
  5. See the rest of our website for what we can offer for  you.

To become a member please contact us via our contact page and request a membership form. 

We also recommend that you become a member of the Gateshead Network of Children with DIsabilities. You will also get a free active card and Max Card for further information:  Network-of-Children-with-Disabilities-Registration-Form-(INTERACTIVE) (1).pdf