Jargon Buster

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AEN    Additional Educational Needs

AR       Annual review

ARMS  Additionally Resourced Mainstream School

BESD   Behaviour Emotional & Social Difficulties

BSS     Behaviour Support Service

CAF     Common Assessment Framework

CAMHS   Child and Adolescent Mental Health Service

CDT    Child Development Team

COP    Code of Practice

CYP / C&YP    Children and Young People

DSG    Dedicated School Grant

EBD    Emotional And Behavioural Difficulties

EHCP  Education, Health and Care Plan

EHE    Elective Home Education

EMTAS   Ethnic Minority & Travellers Advisory Support

EOTAS   Education Otherwise Than at School

EP          Educational Psychologist

EPS       Educational Psychology Service

EWO     Education Welfare Officer

FE         Further Education

FIS        Family Information Service

FISO     Family Information Service Online

FIT        Family Intervention Team

GP        General Practitioner (Family Doctor)

HE         Higher Education

HI          Hearing Impaired

IEP        Individual Education Plan

LA         Local Authority

LDA      Learning Difficulty Assessment

LEA       Local Education Authority

LLDD    Learner with Learning Difficulty and/or Disability

LO        Local Offer

LSS      Learning Support Service

LST      Learning Support Teacher

MLD      Moderate Learning Difficulties

NHS     National Health Service

OT        Occupational Therapy

PALS   Patient Advice and Liaison Service

PB      Personal Budget

PCT     Primary Care Trust

PD       Physically Disabled

PEP     Personal Education Plan

PMLD  Profound and Multiple Learning Difficulties

PPS     Parent Partnership Service

PRU     Pupil Referral Unit

PSP     Pastoral Support Programme

SP       Single Plan

SALT  Speech and Language Therapist

SARS  Statutory Assessment and Review Service

SEN    Special Educational Needs

SENA Special Educationa Needs Assistant

SENCO  Special Educational Needs Coordinator

SEND    Special Educationa Needs and Disabilities

SENIT   Special Educational Needs Improvement Team (formerly SENSS)

SLD      Severe Learning Difficulties

SPLD    Specific Learning Difficulties

TAF     Team Around the Family

VI         Visually Impaired

YOT     Youth Offending Team