Hate Crime

What is Hate Crime? 

Gateshead Authority take all types of Hate Crime very seriously Hate crime is a crime in which the perpetrator's conduct is motivated, in whole or in part, by hatred, bias, or prejudice, based upon the actual or perceived race, colour, religion, national and ethnic origin, gender, age, disability, or sexual orientation of another individual or group. Hate crime includes anything from verbal abuse, threatening behaviour or malicious communications. This racist, religious, homophobic, transphobic or disability related hate crime.

Parents In Power is now a Community Contact Centre, we can help you to report any Hate Crime to the ARCH Programme. We can do this by helping you to report:

Without giving your name
Something that has happened to you or your child
Something you have witnessed

The ARCH people will help you by:
  1. Taking action against the perpetrator 
  2. Believing you and taking you seriously 
  3. So if you or your child with a disability has been a victim of Hate Crime then please get in touch with us to help and support you if you feel you cannot 
  4. report this alone.

Or report this direct to Gateshead Authority on the number below:

.Report Hate Crime

Take a look at our Twitter Page @parentsinpower there are loads of photos we took for World Mental Health Day and Hate Crime Awareness Week on 10th October 2016